Cornerstone Express

Outright buy your bullion for delivery

Due to our affiliations and partners, we have the ability to deliver all forms of precious metal in a timely manner.  Whether they be rounds and coins or more elaborate bars, we can service you with increments of 10, 100, or 1000 oz bars.  Shipping is done U.S. postal flat rate insured and registered with discrete markings.  Talk with your Cornerstone Asset Metals Representative for details and options.

Cornerstone Care Account

Outright buy your bullion but store with optional strategies

Buy your bullion outright and own 100% of your position but have the luxury of storage at our independent depository. Here, it will allow you to have positions in the precious metals market without the hassle of securing it yourself or be tied to any financing. The advantage of this strategy is the immediate option to add ounces to your position using the profit of your stored metal. You can add to your position when the market is running, and when the market experiences profit taking or a standard correction you can sell ounces and purchase at a lower price (some break-even conditions apply, please inquire with your dealer). When you own the physical, you can have price declines on the ounce but as long as you don’t sell them there is no consequence. Considering the global state of affairs, we should continue to see hard assets appreciate over time, helping preserve your standard of living during retirement.

The second advantage to this option is liquidity. Because the bullion is at our independent depository, there will be no need for authentication and delay when you wish to sell any portion of your holding, just a call to your Cornerstone Asset Metals Representative will allow a position to be sold immediately with instant  availability!

The most important reason:

(There are many pitches for ETF’s and stocks, but they DO NOT OFFER LIQUIDITY AND DELIVERY OF THE PHYSICAL METAL) to own precious metal in this account is the ability to receive a timely delivery in the case of a financial meltdown, giving you peace of mind.  This gives you real money in your name for protection and security.

Cornerstone Heritage Account

Use metal you already OWN, collateralizing & financing option

Simply ship your physical precious metal(s) such as gold, silver, bullion coins or bars of all sizes, American Eagles, Maple Leafs Morgan silver dollars and much, much more to our firm via U.S. Postal System in a flat rate box, certified mail, and insured according to value up to $25,000.00 max per box.

When it arrives, we will video catalog the package contents and place the metal in a secure depository on your behalf, while you maintain title of the asset! Your metal continues to be your property – you never surrender ownership unless heavy losses occur. We will then allow you to collateralize and finance up to 50% of the value of the bullion we are storing for you to add additional ounces when the market is moving.

Whenever you decide to cash out and exit the trade, you simply notify us and we return your original metal back to you, along with your potential profits from the program.   A very unique and transparent opportunity allowing you to capitalize on protecting your hard earned assets by doubling or tripling your position.

This program contains a degree of risk, using metal you own should only be done with metal you can afford to lose. Before this program is activated, full disclosure, financial terms, and risks should be clearly understood. While in this program, you maintain full responsibility for market details, risks, and rewards. This program, although offers potential profit opportunities to two to three times the metals original value, you must understand the potential loss is restricted to the metal you collateralize and nothing more.

Cornerstone Account Benefits


Your Cornerstone Asset Metals Account Features and Benefits

• The amount of metal held by the bullion bank or depository remains in your name until it is sold or you take personal delivery.
• You can easily transact business – simply call and direct your account representative to buy or sell and receive an immediate confirmation.
• You will receive a written confirmation shortly following every buy or sell transaction.
• Your Cornerstone Asset Metals Account offers convenience and flexibility, with a professional account representative to aid both experienced and inexperienced investors in fulfilling their precious metals needs.

  • One of the most appreciated features… you have a private pass-coded back office dashboard that details update news, charting and all your account details for full and complete transparency! This is a 24/7 log-in portal directly through our website. We encourage our customers to log-in with their username and password as often as they would like, using it to print monthly and past account statements and review account history.


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