Gold as an Investment

The Foundation of Wealth

From the dawn of civilization, back to Moses himself, gold’s beauty and luster have produced a rare quality, unmatched by any other metal.  Men have mined it, bartered with it, and even died for it since the beginnings of civilization.  These facts are not so surprising when you consider its rarity, durability, and unusual properties.  King Solomon’s gold itself, is still on earth today… that tells you something right there. It was here in the   beginning, and it will be here until the end, according to Revelation 3:18, which says, “I counsel you to buy from Me gold refined in the fire, that you may be rich.”


World-Wide Liquidity

Perhaps the most amazing feature of gold is its stability as a standard of real value.  Although its value may fluctuate, history proves gold’s buying power tends to remain the same.  Gold has been the most coveted metal in the world, and the single most trusted international medium of exchange for thousands of years.  Trade between countries is frequently based on gold’s value as the most reliable currency.  While paper currencies have been devalued, eroded by inflation, and have become virtually worthless, gold has maintained its purchasing power.  Gold has been the established monetary standard for centuries.  During times of inflation, people have turned to gold for profit and protection.  Unlike paper currencies or other commodities, gold has retained its value during both crisis and calm periods throughout the history of civilization.

Buying Gold Bullion: Proven Hedge Against Inflation

The primary factors influencing gold prices are anticipated inflation caused by huge U.S. deficits and the diminishing power of world currencies.  As people lose confidence in a government’s ability to control inflationary pressures, they turn to gold.  While gold prices may fluctuate from day to day in world markets, the long-term demand for this timeless treasure can be expected to continue.  The current gold market conditions offer profitable opportunities – take advantage of these opportunities and own gold today.


For the first time in the history of the world, all the currencies are fiat!

You have two choices:

Gold/Silver (real money)


Paper Currencies (IOU’s)


Remember the facts:

Every currency in the world is fiat or “faith based” meaning that it is worth only the value of the actual paper it is printed on.  More people are learning this fact every day and confidence is eroding in the fiat currency system.  History proves that for fiat currency… the final value of zero is inevitable!

“The credit boom is built on the sands of banknotes and deposits.  It must collapse.” – Ludwig Von Mises

The solution to protecting yourself is simple.  Secure a gold and silver foundation to your wealth.  Owning physical gold and silver has been very lucrative over the past decade.  But don’t take our word for it – the facts below prove that this is a worldwide event!

How did paper currencies perform versus gold and silver last decade?

January 1, 2000 – December 31, 2009

Fiat Currency vs. Gold Decade Gain Silver Decade Gain

US dollar 281 % 214 %
Argentine peso 1349 % 1093 %
Australian dollar 155 % 129 %
Brazilian real 257 % 194 %
British pound 280 % 213 %
Canadian dollar 176 % 127 %
Chinese yuan 214 % 159 %
Costa Rica colon 616 % 490 %
Euro 167 % 120 %
Hong Kong dollar 273 % 213 %
Indian rupee 307 % 235 %
Israeli new shekel 248 % 186 %
Japanese yen 247 % 186 %
New Zealand dollar 174 % 126 %
Philippine peso 340 % 262 %
Russia ruble 320 % 246 %
South African rand 357 % 276 %
South Korean won 294 % 224 %
Swedish kronor 221 % 164 %
Swiss franc 147 % 104 %


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