TRUNEWS 10-14-16 – Terry Sacka – Do The Elite Need World War 3

Are the elite engineering a third World War to maintain their global order? Today on TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles is joined by Cornerstone Asset Metals President Terry Sacka to discuss the financial reckoning and military ruin facing America as Washington schemes to incite a nuclear confrontation with Russia. Rick will also detail the ramifications of a major derivatives default and the continuing power shift from the West to Asia.

Terry-Sacka-Mat-Staver-5-24-2016-Jesus Christ is America’s Only Hope

Who would have thought 17 years ago that TRUNEWS would still be broadcasting a message of repentance to America? Today, going into our 18th year as the premier end times newscast, Rick Wiles will joined by Terry Sacka of Cornerstone Asset Metals to discuss why the US oligarchs are stealthily and dictatorially transitioning investors accounts from money market to insolvent Government Cash Reserves.

TRUNEWS 03-31-16 Terry Sacka Talks Days Are Numbered

Global economist and insider James Rickards joins Rick Wiles for Thursday’s edition of TRUNEWS. James and Rick discuss the central banks 10 year master scheme — which began in 2010 — to dethrone the US dollar’s world reserve currency status and herald in its replacement, the IMF-printed SDR. In Part 2, special guest Terry Sacka and Edward Szall will join Rick in studio to decipher through the power intel shared in that interview.