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History of Silver as an Investment

The Second “Most Consumed” Commodity in the World

Quite simply, silver is in a bull market.  The price has risen sharply over the past few years, from $5 in 2002 to almost $28 today while it soon will probably reach $100. The history of silver shows that, like gold, it is money. The big difference is that while silver is money, it is also an industrial metal. Did you know that in over 14 languages the word for ‘silver’ and ‘money’ are the same?  You’ve heard of the gold standard, but it actually replaced the silver standard in the 1800’s.  Unlike gold, whereas most of the mined stock is still in existence, most of the mined silver has been used up and is in relatively short supply!

However, new uses for silver are being invented and applied every day.  The superior properties of silver have been apparent in many applications for many years while new technologies are discovering silver’s superior qualities.

The History of Silver Coins

In 2006 39.8 million ounces were produced as silver coins.  Silver has been used as money as far back as 550 B.C. and continues to be used to this day in some countries including Mexico.  Since Silver was more plentiful and of less value than Gold it served as a practical means of exchange.  Today most of the silver produced is consumed in one form or another with only 64 million ounces per year set aside for investment purposes.  With such a small amount of produced silver actually making it to market, the price of silver will see some spectacular gains when even a relatively small amount of silver is sought for investment.

Supply and Demand for Silver

The long bear market for gold and silver has led to a lack of investment in discovering new silver mines worldwide and now that investment and industrial uses for silver is skyrocketing the spot price has had no choice but to steadily rise.

In 2006 the supply and demand of silver matched at 911.8 million ounces.  As demand increases for both investment and industrial application this figure will become skewed, needing more supply to meet the demand needs.  The only remedy for this will be higher prices.

Exploration for silver is definitely picking up but it takes from seven to ten years to bring a mine on stream.  Exploration was at just $2 billion worldwide in 2002 and picked up steadily to over $5 billion in 2005. These figures are just a small portion of the total worldwide exploration budget being spent this year. Many new companies are beginning to explore as they see this as a new frontier with a long and sustainable life.

Is Silver a Good Investment?

Recently the physical silver and paper (futures) prices have begun to diverge.  While futures contracts can be manipulated without any actual silver changing hands, the physical market cannot.  Demand for silver as an investment has recently picked up pace and there are stories of lack of physical silver from dealers throughout the world.

This divergence will continue and retail investment in silver will become increasingly difficult to obtain. In my and many experts’ opinions, silver will be well over $100 an ounce by the time this bull market nears its end.


There was a time where you would take this paper dollar to the bank and they would redeem the dollar to just shy of an ounce of silver.  Well, back in the 1950’s you could buy 5 gallons of gas with that paper dollar bill.  That means you could also buy five gallons of gas with the ounce of silver.

Well, let us fast forward to today and silver is no longer on the dollar or redeemable by dollars; the paper dollar is now an IOU from the Federal Reserve, (which remember the Federal Reserve is neither Federal nor does it have any “Reserves”).

Today you will trade in the same ounce of silver as in the 1950’s, you can roughly get $28.00 per ounce which would buy you not 5 gallons of gas as it did back then but almost 9.This is over 80% more than in the 1950’s.Now take that same dollar bill.. how many gallons can you buy?… Right, not even 1 gallon.

Have you been wondering, “Is silver a good investment?

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Silver Price per troy ounce in US Dollars 1960-2010


For the first time in the history of the world; all the currencies are fiat!

There are two choices: Gold & Silver (Real Money) or Paper Currencies (IOU’s)

Every currency in the world is fiat or ‘faith based,’ meaning, it is worth only the value of the actual paper it is printed on.  More people are learning this fact every day and confidence is eroding in the fiat currency system.  History proves that for fiat currency, the final value of zero is inevitable!

The credit boom is built on the sands of banknotes and deposits. It must collapse.” – Ludwig Von Mises

The solution to protecting yourself is simple. Secure a Gold and Silver foundation to your wealth.  Owning physical gold and silver has been very lucrative over the past decade.  But don’t take our word for it.  The facts below prove that this is a Worldwide Event!

How did paper currencies perform versus Gold and Silver last decade?

January 1, 2000 – December 31, 2009

Fiat Currency vs. Gold Decade Gain Silver Decade Gain

US dollar 281 % 214 %
Argentine peso 1349 % 1093 %
Australian dollar 155 % 129 %
Brazilian real 257 % 194 %
British pound 280 % 213 %
Canadian dollar 176 % 127 %
Chinese yuan 214 % 159 %
Colombian peso 335 % 258 %
Costa Rica colon 616 % 490 %
Euro 167 % 120 %
Hong Kong dollar 273 % 213 %
Indian rupee 307 % 235 %
Israeli new shekel 248 % 186 %
Japanese yen 247 % 186 %
New Zealand dollar 174 % 126 %
Philippine peso 340 % 262 %
Russia ruble 320 % 246 %
South African rand 357 % 276 %
South Korean won 294 % 224 %
Swedish kronor 221 % 164 %
Swiss franc 147 % 104 %

Is silver a good investment? Quite simple, the answer is yes!

“It’s important to note the ore grades being mined today are significantly down in ore grade and quality”.


Today’s mining operations target microscopic ore, more heavily refined to gain the same value; as the “visible gold” was mined back when it laid on our surfaces.  Unfortunately, costly “open-pit” mining has become the norm for both gold and silver today; which is dramatically less efficient…



As below you see prices have soared from $4/oz to a peak of $48/oz.  Unfortunately, global silver production grew at just a 2.4% annual rate from 2000 through 2011 (the last year data was made available).


You will see this reflected in the silver/gold ratio soon.  Historically the ratio was 16:1, meaning it took 16 ounces of silver to equal 1 ounce of gold.  Today that ratio is 50:1 because of a manipulation that will end and when it ends that ratio will be forced down to 16:1 or so making silver an explosive preservation opportunity for all portfolios.  A big reason for this plunge is that roughly 70% of silver production is a by-product from base metal mines (principally lead/zinc); compared to gold, of which just 20% of production is by-product, there really are only a couple real and true silver mines in the entire world!


Below will show the perfect storm catalyst, silver is predominately used as an industrial metal, one that doesn’t get recycled and one that is rapidly increasing.  The demand for silver in industry is on track to increase 40% in just the next five years!


Yet, that increase in demand is not in parity to the global supply that you can see is plummeting.


Most credible natural resource and silver analysts believe there is somewhere between 1.0 and 1.5 billion investable silver ounces above ground – in bar or coin form,  Nearly all of that supply is sitting in private vaults – never to see the light of day.  What are you waiting for?


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