Palladium – Industrial Demand

Palladium is a sister to platinum, a “noble metal” (member of the platinum group of metals) with some rather unique properties that ensure a place for it in industry and as a precious metal investment.  This fascinating metal is tied closely with platinum from both history and its properties.  Even so, important differences remain in physical properties and in today’s supply and demand economics, its supply is rare and the demand is increasing.

Palladium Bullion

Bullion is the form of palladium traded for investment purposes.  From palladium metal bars are made to form a physical product that is bought or sold on the basis of the palladium content.  The catch is that only one government makes bullion bars.  Only Canada makes palladium bullion coins, and only a select few have issued commemorative palladium coins (which have become collector’s items).  With our unique refining capability and institutional partners we can produce bullion bars for delivery upon request.

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