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If you are the kind of company that has devised a savvy marketing structure, then you no doubt know the importance of repeat business from loyal customers.  Including a customer appreciation gift in your direct mail campaigns such as an award coin branded with your company’s logo on it has been proven to increase repeat business by as much as 147%.

Such gifts, although immensely profitable, can be an expensive and time-consuming investment to make.

Here we can help you create your own custom designed silver or gold coin.  We have graphic artists who are ready and able to help your coin creation become a reality.

We go the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction, so you know you are getting the best quality available.  We will do whatever it takes to service your request!

The coins we help you create can be used as an attractive and valuable choice for your marketing needs.  Today we need to represent quality with an impact, what better way to do this than give or sell a product that is increasing in value?  Combine the best available materials with expert craftsmanship and you have a lasting st

amp in the conscious of your target market that showcases the dedication and hard work you and your organization is known for.  Enjoy your coin developing experience with Cornerstone Mint.

Getting started today is easier than you think!  All you need is a picture, slogan, logo, etc., submit your image to us in a JPEG format and we will do the rest!

Custom Minting

When you present your concepts and images to us, we will work to ensure that they are impressively transformed on any silver, gold, or platinum product you choose. The technical team at Cornerstone Mint is always available to help you develop your product design and concepts.  We offer you our extensive knowledge and years of experience to assist you in making the appropriate presentation of your minted product.

Design and Engraving

» Design

Cornerstone’s staff of artists are committed to high standards of workmanship starting from the creative development of your initial concepts to the transformation of your ideas into precise and detailed artwork.  Our highly skilled artists will sculpt the model of your design with close attention to rendering every detail.

» Engraving

During the engraving process the image from the model is transferred onto specifically selected and prepared soft dies.  The surface of the die is hardened and then prepared and polished to highlight the carefully crafted details.

Creating a Custom Piece

Coins can increase in value over the years and can become lasting collectors’ items.  They can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Fund raisers
  • Awards
  • Employee anniversaries and incentives
  • Promotional and advertising events
  • Visitor souvenirs or redeemable tokens
  • Corporate gifting
  • Commemoratives and keepsakes
  • Personal anniversaries and religious or inspirational items

Any design can be reduced and used in the creation of your minted product.  However a small piece with an intricate design may be difficult to render. Options for your design may include but not limited to:

  • Business logos
  • Landscapes or architecture
  • Animals, people, or symbols
  • Portraits or landmarks

In addition to the above, options for lettering could be: names, slogans, mottos, events, locations, dates, advertising, or a simple message.

Artwork and Design Services

Camera ready artwork (4″x6” minimum) is helpful but not necessary.  Business cards, drawings, photographs, or your written concept roughly sketched to give us an idea of placement of subjects and lettering can also be used.  Digital images such as a JPEG TIFF file should be 6”x6” minimum with a resolution of at least 300 dpi.  However for greater accuracy an actual photograph would be best.  Since your medallion would be created from an 8” plaster sculpt, any artwork provided should be large enough to fit into this format.

Surface Quality

» Surface Finishing

The quality standards of surface finishing which can be requested are:

  • Proof
  • Proof-like
  • Satin

» Packaging

We offer a range of packaging presentation items designed to enhance and display your minted product.  Some of which are:

  • Clear plastic flips
  • Acrylic capsule
  • Leatherette boxes

Timeline and Cost

When we receive your design ideas, an account representative will provide you with the exact cost of your dies. die costs range from $600 to $1370 per side and is dependent on design details.  Sculpting of the plaster model begins when you approve the layout artwork and a minimum of 50% of the total die cost is received.  Usually the timeline for completion of your coins is 3 to 4 weeks.

Minting cost per coins vary, please consult our agents for custom pricing.

Metal Supply

Terms and conditions with regard to metal supply depend on current market prices or alternatively metal can be supplied by the customer. Please Contact Us for details.

Terms & Conditions

Cornerstone Mint Terms of Service, Disclaimer and Limitations of Liability Statement

The pictures and artwork requested or provided by you, the customer, and used by Cornerstone Mint to create a custom product for you, could have come from a number of sources that are not controlled or maintained by Cornerstone Mint.

It is the purchaser’s responsibility to know whether or not they are authorized to use the pictures, symbols, logos, or artwork content on the item that is being customized for them by Cornerstone Mint.  Any legal issues that might arise from the content that the purchaser chooses to have on their custom items design is 100% the customers responsibility, and Cornerstone Mint will not be held liable for any reason if content is used illegally.

Your coin die will remain property of Cornerstone Mint which can only be used for reorders when requested from you or someone you have given authority to.  This is to ensure 100% control of your coin design and how many items are produced during the life of the design.

Comments sent via email or postal mail may be used as a customer testimonial within this website.  When sending emails or postal mail, you authorize Cornerstone Mint the use of any or all comments made within the email or letter.

Any layout changes, after we complete the design to your initial specifications, will result in additional design fees of $50.00 per hour to cover the additional time required redoing your layout and artwork.

If Cornerstone Mint designers start work on your design, and you choose to cancel the order, you will be charged a $150.00 cancellation fee and if production of your die has commenced there will be NO REFUND.

Your design layout will not go into production until you give your final approval and proof the coin for layout, spelling, and coloring errors.

The customer is responsible for shipping charges on all orders (prices may vary on content, number of coins, and coin size).  Although products purchased from Cornerstone Mint are normally delivered within 3-6 weeks, the purchaser needs to understand that there are no guaranteed delivery dates.  Cornerstone Mint will not be held liable or responsible for late deliveries or lost items.

If there is an error on your coin design which was our fault, your coin will be re-made at no cost to you.  Because coins are a custom product, they cannot be returned for any reason.

We will not be liable for profit loss, cost, or any other reasons caused by missed deadlines due to shipping delays or any other uncontrollable events.

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