How liquid is the precious metal market?

The precious metal markets are extremely liquid.  With overwhelming investor and industrial demand, you can buy or sell immediately.

Is there an expiration date on my investment?

No.  Unlike options, you own a tangible asset that can be held onto forever, even passed on from generation to generation.

Are precious metals a good hedge against inflation or deflation?

Both.  History shows regardless of inflation and deflation, precious metals will outperform paper assets in times of economic crisis and uncertainty.

Where is my bullion held?

Your bullion is held in an independent depository – you receive your personal account and password with online access and instant selling ability.

Do I get charged each time I trade in and out of the market to take profits?

No fees applied.  The only cost is on the purchase of bullion, there is a small spread to buy any metal, no spread charge on a sale.

What are the benefits of investing in precious metals?

Expert investors have for years recommended to clients to diversify their portfolio.  Oftentimes, this investment advice entailed investing around 20% of one’s assets into tangible items, such as bullion coins, platinum bullion, silver, gold, and other precious metals.  Given the volatile market and economy of today, tangible precious metals are a very sound strategy for diversifying one’s investment portfolio.

The top 3 reasons, which are by no means the only ones, for investing in precious metals include:

1. Precious metals have offered investors a consistent hedge against declining U.S. dollar value.  Since 2001, the United States dollar has steadily declined more than 40% up until 2011.  This decline has only further exacerbated itself and other problems for investors in the years following, especially in the year 2008.  The U.S. dollar may very well be losing a sizable portion of its value; however, precious metals are traded globally with a consistent level of interest by domestic and foreign investors.  The main three metals, gold, silver, and platinum, gain the larger portion of attention during times of economic fallout due to their relatively isolated value from the U.S. dollar.  For investors, looking to diversify into precious metals may be a solution to hedge against the falling fortunes of the U.S. dollar.

2. Precious metals have offered investors a safe bet in times of political, economic, and societal volatility. The financial markets in the United States are undeniably under siege due to a litany of factors.  The results, however, are sharp declines in investments, decreased U.S. dollar value, and most securities trading at nearly 40% less than their year to date value.  In periods of uncertainty, tension, change, or even, panic, precious metals have offered investors incentives to hedging their losses.  Likewise, as the events and disturbances in society worsen, the demand for these precious metals will only exponentially increase. Precious metals have previously been and more than likely will always be one of the most trusted forms of maintaining wealth and assets, regardless of turbulent economic times.

3. Precious metals should intrigue investors due to a large profit potential and unmatched price appreciation.  During the periods of economic downtrends in the early 2000’s, investors both small and large saw a huge decrease in the assets and securities they spent their entire lives saving.  During these bear markets, however, the value of gold and silver increased nearly 40%.  As the decade continued into the economic recession in 2008, gold and silver prices continually rose in the face of economic and investor panic.  When dividends, returns, and gains from paper investments, such as stocks and bonds, decline or disappear, precious metals receive a predictable and profitable increase in demand and value.

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